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Longarm Quilting Prep

1. Make sure your backing is square and at least 8" wider and longer than your quilt top. I need at least 4" on each side and top/bottom to be able to load the quilt.

Example: If your quilt top is 70" X 80", your backing should be 78" X 88"

If you are seaming a backing, horizontal seams are preferred but vertical seams are accepted. Please make sure that backing seams are at least 1/2" wide and back tacked at ends to secure. Please press backing seams open to help reduce bulk.

2. If you are providing your own batting, please make sure that it also is 4" wider and longer on all sides like backing. If batting is longer or wider than the 8" of required overage, that is okay.

3. Does your quilt have a definite top or bottom? If so, please attach a note to the quilt indicating which is the top. 

4. Clip all loose threads from your quilt top

5. Make sure top and backing are pressed and free of hard creases or wrinkles. If quilt or backing does have excessive wrinkling that requires pressing, a surcharge will apply.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know! The more I know about your quilt the better!

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