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My Services

I offer long arm quilting services on my Gammill Statler Stitcher. I accept local drop offs in the Columbus, Ohio area, or out of state quilts can be sent to me.


Have a quilt that's ready to be finished? Contact me so we can connect!

Quilting Pricing

All Over Edge to Edge Design

  • Basic (Stipple): $0.02 per square inch

  • Medium Complexity Design: $0.025 per square inch

  • Dense Complex Design: $0.03 per square inch

***Minimum Charge is $50.00***



  • Quilters Dream 80/20- $11.50 per yard

  • Quilters Dream 100% cotton- $11.50 per yard

  • Quilters Dream 80/20 King sized width- $15.00 per yard

  • Quilters Dream Bamboo Blend- $12.00 per yard


  • No charge for thread! I use Superior So Fine Thread and carry a range of colors, I can also order special colors for a small fee of $5

Rush Fee

  • Need a quick turnaround? I can accommodate quick turns for a fee of $25 

    • Please note I can not always accommodate quick turns, especially around the holidays, feel free to reach out if you have any questions​


  • Machine sew to front of quilt: $0.07 per inch

  • Machine sew to front and hand sew to back: $0.25 per inch

Special Pantographs

  • Have a specific pantograph in mind that I don't have? I'm willing to purchase the design and split the cost with you

T-Shirt Quilts

  • Got t-shirts?! I also do custom t-shirt quilts! Cost per t-shirt $18 (front and back of shirt count as 2). Cost includes complete quilt finishing- backing, quilting and binding.


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